Downloadable Educational Material

These two basic sheets are good time fillers as students are coming into class, and will begin to familiarize them with the basic parts of the compass.

Parts of the Treknor Orienteer Compass PDF Document

Compass Word Search PDF Document

After you go over the basic parts of the compass with the students, you can begin to explain how to use the compass. We suggest not approaching the concept of Declination immediately.

Compass Directions (Using Magnetic North) PDF Document

After there is a clear understanding of how to use the compass, you may want to approach the issue of declination. You can find information about Declination here:
What is Declination?
Find Your Declination Value
And below you will find the instructions sheet on how to use the Orienteer compass with your declination value.

Compass Directions (Relative to True North / Using Declination) PDF Document

After you have an outdoor activity (which we highly suggest), the below crossword puzzle is a good refresher the students can begin. This will give the early finishers something to work on, while you spend any extra needed time with students still grappling with the concept of how to use their compass.

Compass Crossword Puzzle PDF Document

Compass Crossword Puzzle KEY PDF Document

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